We do not have any animals for sale at this time.  Please check back in the early spring of 2018 for baby Nigerian Dwarf goats.  


We feel our animals deserve the best care possible and our job is to be good stewards of  what has been given to us. Utmost attention is given to our nutrition program, breeding program, and farm management practices.  We believe in raising livestock naturally without growth hormones or chemicals. Our livstock have free choice minerals available to them at all times, as well as Thorvin kelp, and plenty of grass hay and fresh water.  Our chickens run and forage outside and are never kept in cages. They also eat non-GMO feed as well as freshly sprouted grains.  If you have any questions about our farming practices, don't hesitate to contact us.​​
Kidding Schedule​ 2018

LCF Minuet and Castle Rock Hennesey Venom
Projected Kidding Date: March 9, 2018

QMF Meg and Castle Rock Man in the Moon
Projected Kidding Date: March 25, 2018

QMF Morning Glory and Curbstone Valley Tommy
Projected Kidding Date: July 1, 2018

QMF Audrey and Curbstone Valley Tommy
Projected Kidding Date: June 24, 2018

Our natural fed steer are on pasture their whole lives, moving and grazing as they were intended to do.  We use pasture rotation in conjuction with quality forage hay and alfalfa pellets. We finish our steer on minimal non-GMO grain and are able to process them at home, eliminating the stress of shipping. We are looking forward to increased pastures in the near future as we expand our operation. We have a minimal amount of beef that we sell so if you are interested in an 1/8th, 1/4 or 1/2 side of beef, contact us to get on our list.  

​​Our chickens eat non-GMO feed and have fresh, sprouted grains. They run around in the sunshine and catch bugs and take dust baths, and are never kept in cages. Their eggs are collected daily and are guaranteed fresh. If you've never had farm fresh eggs, give it a try.  You'll never get another dozen eggs from the store.

Sales Policy

~ All animals are reserved on a first come first served basis.
~ In order to reserve an animal, a non-refundable $100 deposit will be required.
~ Failure to arrive on the agreed day of pickup, without prior notice, will result in forfeiture of your animal and deposit.  The animal(s) will be reslisted for sale.
~Placing a deposit on an animal is your committment to purchasing that animal so if you change your mind and choose not to purchase a reserved animal, your deposit will not be returned.
~All animals must be paid for in full before leaving the farm or they do not go. Period.
~All baby goats can be registered with ADGA but paperwork must be completed at pick up.
~Goats are herd animals.  We will not sell a single goat unless other goats are owned.
~We will charge a boarding fee of $3.00 a day if your animal(s) is not picked up on the agreed upon day
~Goats will not be sold for meat.
~All goats will be dehorned. No exceptions.
~ All  goats will have received their first vaccinations and deworming.  It is your responsibility to finish the rounds of necessary vaccinations. Recommendations of vets can be given upon request.
~If the gender you want is not born we can roll the deposit over to another breeding or refund your deposit.